Quintessential Doll + Porcelain Pill + Maxon (MELB) 9 April 2016

from Quintessential Doll


Quintessential Doll celebrates the release of her latest single Beautiful Violence with a series of shows including this one in Melbourne.

Quintessential Doll returns to Melbourne and promises Melbourne fans a live set they have never seen before.

Quintessential Doll is the solo project of Steph Linsdell. A fiercely independent artist, Quintessential Doll produces, writes, records and performs her own music. After graduating from university with a classical music degree, Linsdell worked on honing her songwriting and producing craft by under the guise of Quintessential Doll by drawing on her love of a wide variety of musical influences (Bat for Lashes, FKA Twigs, Grimes, Alt-J, Imogen Heap) as well as her background in classical piano and violin. This, combined with lyrics that reflect the influence of myth and literature in her story-telling, result in what the artist describes as industrial folktronica. Her soundscape consists of brooding synths, atmospheric strings, driving guitar, pulsing beats and ethereal harmonies framed with evocative poetry. The multi- instrumentalist’s live performances see her display her versatility and dexterity as she sings, plays instruments and manipulates electronic elements.

Joining Quintessential Doll on the lineup is fellow folktronica artist Porcelain Pill and songstress of empowering pop MAXON.

9th April
303 High Street, Northcote MELBOURNE

  $12 AUD or more 


Quintessential Doll Brisbane, Australia


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